Little Girls

Leia came to visit today and it's amazing how quickly she's growing and changing. It's hard to get photos/videos of her; as soon as she hears the camera turn on, she's running over to see the pictures on the back. I snapped this quick video of her - she's torn between chasing the kitten and seeing what's on the camera. I was laughing so hard at her backing up to sit in my lap and see herself on camera that I forgot to hit the 'stop' button on the video.

Samantha brought Payton over to play with Leia this afternoon. The little girls greeted each other with a big hug in the front yard. So cute.
Neither quite has the concept of 'share' down yet, but they played very well together. Payton is 2 months older than Leia; Leia is taller and heavier but Payton has more hair.

click photo to embiggen

I'm calling it a draw in the cuteness sweepstakes.


Rach said...

Look at LeiLei Go! I miss her! She will be talking like Addy by the time I see her again.