Tunisian Treasure Shawl

Just posted a new shawl pattern on Ravelry. You can check it out - even if you aren't a Ravelry member - by clicking here or on the link in the sidebar.
I love how soft and squishy this shawl is. Its batwing shape helps it stay firmly on your shoulders; no sliding around like some triangle-shaped shawls.
I made mine using Misti Alpaca's Baby Alpaca Royal, but any soft, worsted weight yarn will work. You'll need a long - 12" or more - Tunisian/afghan hook since you'll have a lot of stitches on there before you're done.

Border detail

I'm planning to make another one of these as part of my '10 Shawls in 2010'. How about you?


Mongoose said...

I'm not. I've made myself two shawls, plus I've received three as gifts, and I've never worn them. I guess I'm just not a shawl person.

This is, however, a very cool shawl.

Cotton Yarn Manufacturer said...

its a very beautiful tunisian treasue shawl. its color so cool. thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Gee, the color is nice, but what made you choose such a color? LOL

I love the pattern, will definitely put the shawl on my 'list.' :) v