Wedge Weave

Today was the wedge weave class I signed up for a month ago, taught by internationally-known weaver, Michael Rohde - who just happens to be a member of my weaving guild. (His WeaveCast interview is here.)

Examples of Michael Rohde's wedge weave designs

When I signed up, I wasn't even sure what wedge weave was. Turns out it's a form of tapestry weaving, most often associated with Navajo weavers. Lots of zigzags, triangles and wedges. And lots of fun.

Rather than using traditional tapestry looms, Michael had us use rigid heddle looms which are fast and easy to warp. I lucked out - Deborah used my loom to demonstrate how to warp a rigid heddle (did the whole thing for me); then Michael used my loom to demonstrate how to lash on and start weaving (and did the whole thing for me.)

I'd made a good start by the time I got home from class (in time for Super Bowl! Ok, for the Super Bowl commercials), and got even more done by the end of the game. Not sure where I'm going with this exactly, but I'm enjoying the process.

Bad cell phone photo

Already planning to do another wedge weave using skeins of my handspun that are too short to knit or crochet. I say that after every workshop - I'm going to do something with what I learned! - but seldom do. Be interesting to see if this is any different.


Anonymous said...

really, really pretty. love the colors. :) v

Anonymous said...

Love the wedge weave. Rach

Gigi said...

I love how yours is turning out. Looks like fun!