Wish You Were Here

We're having a great time in Colorado. We celebrated Addison's birthday last Saturday with a princess party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was Addy's first time at Chuck's and she wasn't at all sure about the noise level and the kids running everywhere. Now, though, she keeps asking when we're going back. The pizza was surprisingly good, so it may not be all that long before she gets to go again. Not on a Saturday night, however.

Addy was running and jumping in these shoes 30 minutes after she first put them on. Pretty sure she got the 'shoe' gene from my mother (thank heavens it skipped me!). I see lots of high heels in Addy's future..

Monday we went antiquing around Loveland and picked up a few things, including a set of Christmas plates for Rachel. It was cold, but nowhere near as chilly as Estes Park was today. With a high of 29, these Californians were c.o.l.d. despite all the cold weather gear. Addy made friends with Rudy and a few other reindeer inside one of our favorite stops. We walked her little legs off but Addy was great - especially after we refueled her with hot chocolate and lemon pound cake. Tomorrow we're shopping and cooking, getting ready for turkey day with about 17 people in Rachel and John's fairly small house. Should be interesting.