Want to Join Me?

Want to do a Christmas mystery crochet-along with me? I'm seriously thinking of joining in the fun on Sarah London's site. I need to get the first set of granny squares done by Wednesday. Piece of cake . . . (The supply list is here. Green and white yarn plus crochet hook, scissors and darning needle.)

No matter what this turns out to be, I'm betting it will be gorgeous - just look at the other crochet items on her website, like this granny star garland. My favorite? The Wool Eater Blanket. I did it as a square, but you can see more blankets on Ravelry.

Poor little Princess Leia is teething. She has at least 3 teeth coming in right now, maybe more. She was pretty miserable today, but still full of smiles. Hope the teeth come through quickly - it's hard to see her hurting.