Can You Say 'Blowout'?

Addy learned a new word tonight when we went to see the Colorado Eagles vs the Amarillo Gorillas ice hockey teams - and that word is "Blowout". Ten minutes into the first period, the Eagles had already scored 4 goals. At 6 goals - just minutes into the second period - everyone in the packed stadium got free food from Wendy's. The evening's total of 10 goals set a franchise record for most goals scored in one game. Needless to say, John - along with everyone in the place - was ecstatic.

Addy loved the music that played when action on the ice came to a stop.
At first, she covered her ears whenever a goal was scored - it was LOUD with the yelling and whistling and ringing cow bells. By the end of the game, she was an old hand, yelling, dancing and clapping along with everyone else.

John got us great seats, just a few rows off the ice, right above one of the goals.
Dick and I've been to a couple of pro-hockey games in California, but nothing to match the energy and excitement of tonight's game. Can't wait to come back and do it again. Oh, and Addy has something new to add to her Christmas list. She wants - and I quote - "a pink cow bell from Lowe's." And you just know her daddy will find her one.