I'm making progress on the mystery CAL from Sarah London's site. Ten of the 11 graduated squares in Part 1 are done (square #1 has 2 rows; #2 has 3 rows; #10 has 11 rows, etc.) Part 2 came out early this morning, so I'm a little bit behind but I think I can catch up tomorrow before Part 3 arrives on Friday. I'm thinking this is going to be a Christmas tree of some sort; we'll see if I'm right in a few more days.

While I've been crocheting, Dick has been busy making wood Tunisian hooks. The only Tunisian hooks readily available are metal and only in smaller sizes like "H" and "I". Larger sizes and/or wooden hooks are almost impossible to come by.

First batch on the improvised drying rack.

first batch was oak, cherry and walnut in "J" and "K" because those were the sizes I needed for my classes. Most of those hooks were gone the first night, so the next batch will be more "K's", along with some larger M/10mm hooks.
And after that? Fancy hardwoods! Can't wait to get my hands on those.