Happy 4th!

We're actually having weather in Colorado; very unusual for us Californians (our seasons are wind, fire, flood and mudslide). We've had thunderstorms every afternoon except on the 4th when it would have interfered with the fireworks. The skies got dark yesterday and we felt a couple of rain drops, but then this spectacular rainbow appeared and all was well. We spent the evening at John's dad's house on the lake. Addy was surprised to see Dick and I in that setting - she spends lots of time with Grandpa Jim during the week - and tried out her shy look before figuring out the more grandparents, the better. We got a tour around the lake on Jim's pontoon boat (heaven!), with a safety lecture from Captain Addison, before she settled in to her main job as pilot. A quick dinner of hamburgers, potato salad and marionberry pie, with a side of fruit for Addy, and we were ready to head back out to view the fireworks being fired off a few miles away on Lake Loveland. It was peaceful and Addy had plenty of room to safely roam while we watched the 20-minute, 1500 rocket spectacular. No crowding, no idiots setting of bottle rockets next to us; just the gentle slapping of waves and the wonder of a baby watching the big boom-booms. Happy Fourth of July, everybody! (my fireworks photos didn't turn out; this is the best of the lot. I'm hoping Rachel's camera got some better shots.)