Wedding Photos

ahem. I didn't take a single photo of the bride and groom. We left the camera in the car during the ceremony and there were SO MANY cameras at the reception, I didn't think to point mine at the happy couple. Carolyn's photos will be better than mine anyway - she's a professional wedding photographer - so I'll just steal borrow some after she uploads them.

Lookin' good! The groom's parents - Vickie (Dick's sister) and Rich

The ceremony was here, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Perfect weather, with just a light breeze to keep everything cool. The deacon who officiated was hilarious, which was a good thing. Jen looked beautiful but terrified when she walked down the aisle. The deacon had her smiling and relaxed in minutes. The ceremony was beautiful and I've never seen Scott look happier.

We finished with family photos about 12:30 and since the reception didn't start until 5, we took Bill and Caroline to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. We probably looked a bit out of place in our wedding finery, but who cares?
Carolyn and I celebrate my getting to wear the shawl for about 10 minutes

The guys took off their ties,
Can you tell these two are brothers?

Marie put
a shirt over her dress, grabbed her tennis shoes (she was prepared for anything), and we wandered for a couple of hours.

Traffic getting to the reception on Balboa Island was horrible - think LA beach traffic on a beautiful, summer Saturday night. The reception was worth the hassle, though. The setting was beautiful - right on the water overlooking Newport Beach - the food was good and we got to spend time with family members we don't get to see as often as we'd like.

Two-year-old William,
the ring bearer, was the evening's best entertainment. He cried during the ceremony - he was not happy being separated from mommy, who was a bridesmaid - but was the life of the party after being reunited with mom and having an afternoon nap. He flirted with all the girls - the four and five-year old flower girls and 22 year-old Marie were his favorites - danced with Grandma, and played with the table decorations. Overall, a long but wonderful day. Congratulations, Scott and Jennifer!