Thanks for all the feedback on Addy's blanket. About 10 last night I decided to go with my 'nag instinct' - if I left it this size, it would always nag me that it wasn't what it should have/could have been. So, I give you . . . Square #10. This is the Friendship Jewel Granny Square designed by Kimberly Andrew. It took just over 2 hours to make using Bernat Cotton Tots and a size "H" hook. I liked the center section but what really sold me on this pattern was the front-post stitches in the center of the last 4 rows. I love post, aka cable, stitches!

Flooring continues.
Dick is getting faster at tiling and grouting - he's going to be an expert by the time he finishes our almost 1500 square feet of porcelain. It's amazing to see how much he accomplishes each morning. Laying the big tiles in the center of the floor goes pretty quickly, it's individually sizing, shaping and cutting the small fill-in tiles that takes time. A lot of time.

The only one unhappy about the construction? Oreo kitty.
The new living room couch is her favorite napping spot. And she refuses to give it up, plastic be d**ned.