Wedding Shawl

I'm making Rachel's wedding shawl - using Debbie Bliss Pure Silk yarn in dusty lilac - but I can't decide which pattern to use. I need some HELP! What do y'all think of . . .

#1 is an old favorite that I've made several times. It's a fun pattern, easily adjustable, and would work up fast. But, like I said, I've done it before.
I've also made #2, but only once. This is "Valentina" from Melissa Leapman's book "Cool Crochet". Here's a closeup of the stitches:The pattern calls for brushed baby alpaca - I made mine with brown alpaca - but I think it would still look good in a shiny silk yarn.

Next up - #3 - is a vintage shawl from a 1985 Crochet Fantasy. I (over) bid for the magazine on eBay just to get this pattern. It's hard to see details, but it's a V-stitch, shell combo. Very pretty.
#4 is from a stitch dictionary. I'd basically be making my own design as I went. I love this diamond lattice pattern and think it would work up very nice. But is it what Rachel wants? #5 is something totally different; move linear or angular or something. It caught my eye as I was flipping through magazines and I think it would make a very nice shawl. The pattern is the Beachcomber Tunic in the Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet. #6. I love this one. Lately I've been fascinated with the idea of turning doilies - or in this case a table runner - into shawls. This one would be easy to adjust since you join the squares as you go. If I don't make this one for the wedding shawl, I'm going to make it for myself out of organic cotton. And, just for grins, #7. I don't think pineapples are Rachel's taste - but I could be wrong. This is a spectacular piece and since I've made it once already, it should go pretty fast. So, help me out here people. Which one would you choose? Or do you have another favorite to throw in the mix? Rachel - obviously - will have final say, but we need some input!


Fern said...

I love #5, but I think it might be too bulky/chunky for a wedding shawl. What is the bride's dress like? Without knowing anything about the dress, I think I vote for #6.