Tour de France WAL

For the first time in I can't remember how long, I have no - none, zip, nada - crochet projects on the hook. I'm not teaching any classes until September and all the shop samples are done, so I'm taking a break. There are a few projects I want to make - eventually. I just don't feel compelled to pick up a hook. When we go places, my 'take along' project is a knit scarf. It feels really weird but I'm kinda enjoying it.

Weaving has become my project of choice. There are stacks of weaving books and magazines by my bed. During
Interweave's hurt book sale I bought all weaving books. (Ok, ok. I probably own every crochet book that's ever been written, but still.) I have a lengthy list of weaving websites I visit daily. I've been dreaming about weaving patterns and textures. Even the very frustrating newbie mistakes I'm making aren't discouraging me (yet) from my love affair with warp and weft.

Y'all may remember that I signed up for the Tour de France Knit-A-Long this year.
But when the Tour is broadcast each day, I find myself behind the loom, either warping or weaving another project. It finally dawned on me that, like the riders who change out damaged bikes during the race, I could change my project and goals.

So. I'm switching to the Tour de France WAL (weave-along). I finished one set of towels on Monday. Yesterday and today I started warping the Baby Wolf for another set of towels - I'm going to correct the treadling mistakes I made on the first set and do this one right. And I warped the LeClerc Dorothy table loom for a couple of twill towels using softball cotton. This is one of the looms that was donated to the Guild for our annual silent auction in October. And you know, somebody needs to make sure it's in working condition. Right? So far, it works just great!