Look Over There

I've got projects underway but no real progress to show. I finished a knitted block for my block-a-month project (seed stitch; not going to be my favorite stitch); I have warp chains lying all over the house - 1 is partially on the floor loom and the other 2 are waiting for Dick to fix my table loom so the new reed will fit; I wrote up the beaded purse pattern for the crochet class I'm teaching Tuesday night - nothing like waiting until the last minute. So I thought I'd distract you with some kitty p0rn.

Snickers is the prettiest of my three girls. She's recently decided that my studio is an OK place to hang out. She avoided it in the past, probably because her arch-nemesis, Oreo, spends most of her time in here.

Oreo is spending her time sleeping on my bed, usually with her head on my pillow. And she sleeps with her paws curled. So cute.