I'm working on a secret project (it's a gift. everybody wave to Wenona; the suspense is driving her crazy) so no crafty photos today. So here's some random thoughts and photos.

Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?
We found the sun dress and hat at the July 4th Street Fair in Ventura. It's hard to see, but the design on the front is surfboards and palm trees. How appropriate from her "California" grandparents.

Isn't she the weirdest cat you've ever seen?
AJ climbed into the wet bathtub for no reason that I could see. Then she just sat there. And sat there. She's a very strange cat.

Tomorrow's the start of the Ventura County Fair.
I'm working the Guild booth from 1-4. The Fair opens at noon, so that gives me a little time to check for ribbons for me and a couple of friends. Hope we all did well! I'll be back for Sheep-to-Shawl on Friday - really looking forward to spinning the day away with good friends and great cinnamon rolls.

Home construction continues. Here's Dick, surveying his kingdom (and his handiwork).
The entry hall is mostly done now; to orient you, the front door is that green thing on the left. Dick's planning to continue tiling into the living room (where I'm standing with the camera) and toward his den (to the left of the stairs). Eventually the entire downstairs will be tiled - no more carpet or linoleum.

This is public enemy #1 for the cats.
Since Dick uses the compressor almost every day, you think they'd be used to it by now. But no. As soon as it goes on, they run for the furtherest room they can find. Not sure I really blame them - it's very noisy. Come to think of it, I run for the furtherest room too.

Whoop!! and WhooHoo! About 4 pm I was #205 on the Ravelry list. As of 9 pm, I'm #60! Won't be long now! (and yes, I check my status multiple times a day. Don't you?)

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