Start Small

Now that the drought is over (allegedly), 

we've been contemplating putting an in-ground pool in the backyard. 

Hubby has wanted one for years but I've been hesitant, mostly over the upkeep and maintenance costs. 

But I have to admit, he's starting to win me over. 

To test the waters (ha!), hubby ordered an above-ground pool that's small enough to fold away during the winter but big enough to be fun - and to teach Leanne how to swim.

Leia is a little fish, a fearless swimmer who'd rather be underwater than on land. Leanne is more like me - why get your face wet if you don't have to??

But she's been in the pool every day she's been here*, using her snorkel and mask to 'swim' and to search for coins on the pool floor. 

Small steps. 

* Looks like Leanne will have plenty of pool time. Her mom fell at work, spraining both ankles and a wrist. And since it's really tough to care for a one-year-old with only one hand, all three of them are living here this week.