Slime Fest

Some projects are just destined for crafting failure. I should probably have taken the hint when it took us four stores to find the three ingredients I needed for slime.

But the girls were excited so . . . 

Our first recipe called for glue, baking soda and contact lens solution. I had high hopes since it was allegedly the "official Elmers Glue slime recipe".

Leanne called this corn barf. Pretty accurate. Leia's was a blue version of the same.

Our second try involved cornstarch, dishwashing liquid and hand soap.

Better, but more playdoh-ish than slimey. Really great suds though when it came time to wash it off our hands (and faces). 

Oh well. 

The girls had fun and the giant mess was easy to clean up, so we'll eventually try it again. Probably not soon though . . . .