At Sea and On Land

Finishing up our week at sea:

Formal dinner #3; the Scarlet O'Hara painting (my 2nd favorite picture of Queen Elizabeth); looking down in the Grand lobby; bronze wall outside the Golden Lion Pub; sparkly chandelier. 

Fantastic food has been a big part of our voyage. Triple chocolate mousse dessert during our last formal dinner; sculpted hen (bread) in the Kings Court buffet; fruit carving also in the buffet; beef tenderloin with mushroom and asparagus in Britannia dining room; our table number.

English afternoon tea, with harp accompaniment, on our last day at sea. Tomorrow New York and the long trip home.
It's cold on the top deck at 5:30 am!; Queen Mary 2 in lights; smokestack and bridge; Statue of Liberty. 
Our bus driver decided the fastest route from the docks to JFK was through Manhattan. And he pointed out sights along the way. Best bus ride ever. Carey tunnel - we spent 20 minutes under water here; World Trade Center fountain; original Macy's; skyscrapers; roses growing in the street median - red in front, pink in back; New Yorker; NYFD; Macy's entrance; NY street; Queens tunnel.

Time to come home!