Fabric Folding Workshop

Spent the day in a fabric folding workshop with Rami Kima DNA-scientist turned internationally known fabric artist and quilter. 

I’ve been curious about fabric folding for a long time (it’s Vickie’s fault).

Turns out it’s fun and relatively easy, but also very precise (to get good results) and not something I’ll probably do very often (the hexagons anyway. The kimonos interest me more ...)

Each hexagon starts as a circle and is folded, then sewn to its neighbors, to form anything from simple flowers 

Rami Kim’s patterns

to wallhangings, quilts, purses, clothing and more. 

 A friend’s first kimono

I bought one of Rami’s purse patterns - her wreath folding technique is beautiful - and she has an online class that I’m seriously considering signing up for. Hmmmm, I may be more interested in this than I thought I was . . .