If This Is Monday . . .

If this is Monday, it must be baby day!

Jackie - in her lovely new dinosaur apron - and I played bubbles, her current favorite activity;

talked to hot-air-balloon Santa, her favorite holiday decoration;

and played “fire”, her newest game. 

Jac insisted we all wear “fire”. Donovan was excused when his bowl fire wouldn’t stay on his head.

Leia used my Hamilton app to immortalize her brother - all hail King George Donovan! -

who spent much of his day napping* on his favorite pillow PopPop. This is a really big deal -  up until now, Donovan has taken mostly 30 minute naps, twice a day. Today he slept for an hour and 45 minutes, 3 separate times! Hooray!

Side note: Leanne and Jaclyn got to pet a unicorn this weekend. So jealous. Also? I knew they were real!

AND the new Christmas stockings arrived today!

Love them . . . but I need to find more stocking hangers ASAP.