Home Sweet Home

Traveling is (very) nice - especially to see Addy - but it’s always (very) nice to be home.

It turned cold (low 60’s) and damp (a few sprinkles) just after we got back, so we were forced to wrap ourselves in quilts and have dinner by the fire. Hey, that’s cold for California!

Jackie missed her PopPop (he might have missed her too.)

Donovan is still growing. At 7 months, he outweighs 2-year-old Jaclyn by several pounds.

There were no spare pants in his diaper bag on Wednesday, so Pop put him in a pair of Leanne’s pants. She’s 7!! They were too long on him, but the waist was juuuuust about perfect. I’m still laughing . . .

By Thursday, it was raining for real. 

The girls decided quilts by the fire were borrrrrring, so it was tent forts and popcorn instead. 

Jac wanted to go with me to get the mail, but we only got as far as the first puddle.

She thinks splashing in the rain is the best.thing.ever.

 She might be right.