First Christmas

Leia will be at her mom’s for Christmas this year 

so we celebrated with her a wee bit early.

We’re trying something new this year - I’m making a holiday pillowcase for each grandchild to hold all their presents from us. 

Leia was our test case and she loved the idea. Winner!

The biggest hits of the day were from her dad; a bow -

this one is kid sized and can grow with her into adulthood -

and a new Chromebook.

Hooray for Black Friday specials!

We had one present for her still outstanding - delivery date was next Monday - but as we were leaving for dinner the UPS guy drove up, handed Pop a box and said ‘surprise!’

So glad the chair arrived in time - and that she loves it.

Merry Christmas, sweet girl.


Vickie said...

The pillowcase-fun idea!