Kingfisher Update

My Kingfisher quilt has borders!

And a backing - 

10-year-old for size comparison - 

and is currently at Debbie’s house for long-arm quilting. And speaking of 10-year-olds . . . 

I turned my back for a second and Leia burrito-wrapped herself in the quilt back I was measuring. The *ironed* quilt back. Silly girl - good thing she’s cute!

Although I love the finished look and the colors, Kingfisher will not be on my list of favorite projects. I thoroughly enjoyed hand-making and stitching the hexie flowers 

but machine sewing the diamonds into columns (my first try at this) was neither fun nor overly-successful. I ripped and restitched lot of seams and I’m still not positive I found all the trouble spots. ☹️


Vickie said...

What an undertaking! Simply wonderful!!!!!!!