Introducing Bob

We’ve been thinking about getting a new car for awhile - the lease is up on our SUV in October - so Friday evening we persuaded Leia to go with us to just one dealership before we settled in for the night with dinner and a movie.

The BMW lot was closest, so that’s where we headed. I wanted to test drive the BMW X3, Porsche Machan and maybe one other mid-size SUV before making a decision.

 Waiting patiently while we did the “buying a new car” dance

But plans are made to be broken adjusted, right?? All three of us loved the X3, the salesman was easy-going (he and hubby had former colleagues in common), they had exactly the car I wanted in stock, so . . . .

Meet Bob, a 2019 Phytonic Blue BMW X3 M Class with an Oyster interior and enough gadgets and electronics to keep me entertained for the next 3 years. (The dashboard is a bit intimidating . . .)

Leia was disappointed we weren’t going to additional dealerships - turns out she really likes test drives and that new car smell. However, she settled for naming rights, deciding first that the car was a boy and, second, that he should be called “Bob”. (I vetoed “Percival”. )

I’m going to miss Ladybug, my pretty little Mini Cooper Paceman, but we gotta have more room for bulky car seats and cute grandbabies. 


captainhook said...

Bob is very handsome. Can’t wait to meet him in person!