Sewing Camp Finale

Day 3 was tough. 

The original plan was to make a reversible purse and a snap bag in the 3 hour class. The  purse pattern turned out be a bit too tricky for these beginning sewists. 

The teacher and I ended up doing a lot of sewing when the kids got frustrated and we didn’t have time to even start the second project. Once they were finished though, the girls adored their purses. They are super cute and very easy to “reverse”. I’m betting these will get a lot of use.

 Sewing the “burrito”

Friday was much, much better. 

Before class, the girls raided my stash and chose fabrics for a pillowcase. Leia fell hard for sea turtles and Leanne was thrilled when she found 2 coordinating fairy prints.

The sewing was easy - a few straight seams - and the kids got a kick out of turning their “burrito” into a almost complete case.

Bonus! Even after taking goofy pictures we had enough time remaining to make the snap purses from Thursday’s lesson plan.

 Trying to get a group pic was like herding cats!

This was another fast and easy project. AND they got to use glue sticks, always a hit with the pre-teen crowd. 

The “snap” comes from inserting part of a metal tape measure in the top casing. 

Which of course they had to try out over and over and over again . . .

Overall, sewing camp was a big success. The girls are proud of their new skills and the projects they made. And I’m hoping to build on those skills for more sewing fun this summer.