July’s Play Date

Today’s crafty plan was rock painting with the grandgirls. 

 Lunch with goofy faces

Wenona and I thought the girls would enjoy painting 

and creating rock creatures, 

but as far as they were concerned, 

 Waiting line for the glue gun

the highlight of the day was playing working with my new hot glue gun. 

They did pretty well with it overall - only 2 minor burns (we warned them!) -

and lots of finished projects.

Leanne made this wonderfully crazy fish for her dad

and a dragonfly for her mom.

Karina concentrated on making back massagers

and Leia did more painting and less glueing on her rocks.

This was a super fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. 

Maybe next month it won’t be 100+ and we can finish off the day with a swim party. It was just too hot for that today!!