I love making things for the baby-grands. The girls were easy - anything pink or purple,  dresses and stuffies -  but Don-ven* has thrown me for a creative loop. 

I’ve made him a whack of blankets but there are only so many a boy can use, especially in the middle of a heatwave.

So I’m trying bibs. And just in time too - Donovan’s reached the drooling, getting-ready-to-teeth stage. 

This bandana-style has a lot going for it - cute, easy and gave me an excuse to buy new toys necessary equipment (snap gun kit and grommet tools, whoohoo!) - but the fold rides up over his mouth, making it difficult for him to eat.

And you probably noticed that the boy likes to eat. At 3 months, he’s wearing 9-month clothes and weighs in at 17+ pounds, making him just 4 pounds lighter than 2-year old Jaclyn. 

We also got him a pair of ear protectors so he can go to the movies with us.

First viewing? Hotel Transylvania 3. It was surprisingly good but I don’t think he’ll remember much of it . . .

 Going nose-to-nose with Pop.

  Baby giggles

 His 2nd favorite pastime 

* Jackie’s first time saying “Donovan”, so cute! (Sorry for the crummy picture; Jac insisted on holding the phone.)