It’s Been A Week

Part 1: Timing is everything: 

Tuesday we noticed the water overflow valve was leaking on our 15 year old water heater. Figured it was a warning sign, so called the plumber, who came out today. He tried to attach a hose to the old heater and the valve literally fell off in his hand. He got soaked but he prevented the garage from flooding. And we were without water for a few **hours** rather than days. Whoohoo!

Part 2: went to the doctor last week for my annual sinus infection (lucky me). She prescribed the same antibiotic I used last year with no problems. Aaannnnd I’ve apparently developed an allergy to it - in addition to being allergic to penicillin and doxycycline. 

After a week of nausea and a fun (not!) trip to the emergency room Monday night, we’ve added Bactrim to my list of medical no-no’s. It was pretty scary having a giant “bruise” suddenly appear on my arm, caused by the antibiotic breaking down my blood vessels. And wondering what it was doing internally where it couldn’t be readily seen. But after 3 days with no additional symptoms, I’m crossing my fingers I’m in the clear. Although the warning insert said problems could appear up to 2 months later . . . 

Ending on a happier note - 

tiny sleepy girl loves her Papa

and her guitar.


Vickie said...

Good night, Elisa, what a rotten week! You deserve a weekend (at least) of pampering yourself!!!!! Feel better.

captainhook said...

Holy crap! I didn't know. So sorry this happened. Glad you are feeling better now.