Bunny Purse, Round 2

Leanne and I went fabric shopping earlier this week so I could give the bazillion-hour purse another try. 

 Purse lining

I had plans to make it bigger . . better . . . different . . . 

but with Easter less than a week away, I decided to stay with the basic pattern but put things together in a way that made more sense to me.

Success! I finished 4 of these over the course of 2 days, 

taking my time with the handwork (eyes and nose) and not stressing over the rest.

 Forceps, anyone?

I’m kinda pleased with how they turned out and having all my sewing tools available made a huge difference both time- and stress-wise. Turning 1” tubes by hand? Yuck!! Using forceps to grab the end and pull it through? Fast and easy!

The big girls loved their new purses but Jackie was THRILLED with hers. It cracks me up that she immediately knew how to carry it over her arm. Such a little fashionista.