Easter Prep

The little girls are on spring break this week, so we’ve spread out the Easter prep to give them a little something to do each day they’re here.

Yesterday, Mary and Leia came over to make cookies

 Can you tell which cookies Mary made? They were gorgeous.

and decorate eggs.

Leia’s theme was emoji’s . . .

and her eggs had different designs on front and back.

Mary spent most of her time on one egg. Have I mentioned she’s an artist? 

She did this green egg freehand, with a SHARPIE.

It’s amazing

Today was Leanne and Jaclyn’s turn.

First we corralled Jackie found Jackie something non-breakable to color, 

then Leanne and I got busy decorating more emoji-themed eggs. 

Didn’t she do a nice job? Leanne started to cry when I explained about ‘egg fights’ (an Easter highlight when my kids were young), so we may not be doing that this year. Or at least not with Leanne’s masterpieces. 

Tomorrow - more bunny purses!