Quilt Update

 I started this project back in July, thinking it would be fast, easy and done.

Nope. Once I decided to make it bigger, it kinda stalled out and has been hogging sitting on my design wall for three looooooong months. And dang it, I am tired of looking at it want my space back for new projects.

I don't love it, but Mary does, so it will probably be a Christmas present. Yay!

So Sunday I made a plan and dug in. As of tonight I have only 3 seams left to do. With any luck, this should have a backing and be off to the long-arm quilter by next week. (hope I didn't just jinx myself . . . )
And because I'll forget how I made this - no pattern, just winged it - here's a few notes to myself: 

  • started with 5" charm pack and made HSTs using the 'draw a line' method;
  • sprayed each HST with Best Press and ironed pressed each one within an inch of its life;
  • then trimmed them up to 4.5" with my new favorite toy, the Block-Loc ruler.
  • Next time, I'd probably square them up to 4" and save myself some swearing . . .