Done. Ish.

Now that the girls are only here two days a week (instead of six), I'm getting some quilting accomplished.
The pieces Leanne and I had on the design wall turned into this -
with lovely straight nested seams (I love it when a plan seam comes together . . .)
but . . .  it's too small. I originally thought I'd put a set of borders around it but couldn't come up with a plan I liked. This design feels too modern for traditional borders. So, a quick trip to Etsy and a new package of metallic charm squares should be here by the weekend. 

And what to work on in the meantime?
Found this oldie-but-goodie from 2014 while rearranging my craft room and immediately put it on the design wall. 
My original plan was to mix the shoo fly and 'reverse' shoo fly blocks together, separated by blocks of solid color. But I really like the secondary pattern the blocks form (first picture, above).
Now I'm thinking I'll sew the shoo fly blocks together in the quilt's center; put a  brown border around all 4 sides (3"-4" border?); and use the reverse shoo fly blocks around the outer edge. Gotta think about that for awhile. Opinions welcome!