Medieval Fun

We have Leia for the weekend, unexpectedly, so we gotta go do something, right??

Leanne's mom was willing to let her come along, so today we packed up both girls and headed for Buena Park and Medieval Times. 

So. Much. Fun!

Leia caught a rose thrown to her by our Black and White Knight 

and Leanne screamed herself hoarse rooting for her favorite Blue Knight. 

The food was really good - a big improvement over previous visits - and the girls surprised us by actually eating and enjoying it. (They can be a bit picky …)

Leanne's lament was my favorite - "but when are they going to fight?!?" It took awhile but she got her bloodthirsty wish. We were in the second row, dead center, so she had a great view of the jousting. 

We're overnighting at a hotel in Irvine. The girls are thrilled to have a pool and room service. . Gotta raise them to appreciate the finer things!