Mel Brooks

One of the Christmas gifts I gave hubby was tickets to see Blazing Saddles, with a Q and A session with Mel Brooks immediately following, at the Microsoft Theatre in LA. 


It was amazing. Mel is 91 but his memory and storytelling ability are undiminished. 


He talked and told stories for almost 2 hours after Friday's screening, then ran off stage -  definitely not your typical 90-year-old.

We also saw the recent screening of Young Frankenstein with a live prologue by Mr. Brooks. This time, having him physically in-theatre, was soooo much nicer, even if we had to share him with 7,098 other attendees*. And should he choose to do another movie/talk appearance in LA, we'll be there too. The man is a national treasure.

* Microsoft Theatre is enormous! Built in 2007, it seats 7100 and was completely sold out. 


Vickie said...

Question...how do you find out about all these neat activities?