Happy New Year!

We finished our last present opening session at lunch on Thursday 

  Travis, 5

when we finally caught up with these cuties. 

  Isaac, 2 months

New Year's Eve was spent partying with these guys -


Leanne* made it to 11:30 before deciding she didn't really care about watching a ball drop. I showed her fireworks (from Sydney Harbor) on the iPad and we called it good. Happy New Year, y'all!


* Leanne cut her own bangs. Again. My first thought? Happy it didn't happen on my watch! She's decided she wants to be a "hair cutter" when she grows up. Maybe we should just teach her to cut straight?


captainhook said...

Or maybe she's starting a new trend! Soon everyone will be walking around with bangs cut in such a creative, expressive way!
A.k.a. it's a design element.