Birthday Present

For my last birthday, I asked - pretty please - for a "grandmother ring" with the little girls' birthstones. Hubby and eldest daughter put their heads together and Rachel found the perfect ring . . . except all the stones were diamonds (nice problem to have, right??)


Off we went to a local jeweler, who replaced four of the original stones with the proper birthstones. I got it back today - and I love it! The center diamond can be swapped for a birthstone later, should the need arise. For right now, I'm telling the little girls that the diamond is my heart, which their stones have surrounded. 

And the four replaced diamonds? We're having them set into two "decade bands" that will attach on either side of my wedding ring. That will give me one band for each decade hubby and I have been married. Crossing my fingers it will be done by Valentines day. . .