Steps Toward Christmas

We're almost ready for Christmas. All our presents were wrapped and under the tree last Saturday (it's a Christmas miracle!), which left this week for baking and making.

Leia made the first batch cookies - 
she's so confidant in the process that she got out all the ingredients and was ready to go before I even made it to the kitchen.
Leanne sewed a present for her mom. 
(shhhh! It's a secret!)
I finished a bunch of projects - 3 t-shirt dresses for Leanne;
5 pillowcases - these 3 are gifts;
and put the binding on Leia's quilt. Leia insisted on satin blanket binding - what a pain in the tushie. 
I sewed it on like regular binding but I'm not overly pleased with the results. I may rip it out and redo it. But then again, finished is better than perfect . . . right?? 
Rachel is teaching Addy to weave - I'm so proud (sniff)
And last but not least - I successfully made my mom's peanut butter fudge! I've tried this, off and on, for years with very limited success. I bought a new double boiler last year - just for this recipe - and that may have helped. 
Mom's PBF is one of my favorite Christmas memories. So glad I can share that holiday goodness with my kids and grandkids this year.