Merry, Merry

Matt and Mary spent Christmas Eve in Arrowhead  
and brought us back a present -

a truck bed full of snow. 
Let the snowball fights commence!

Matt had hoped Marie and Leanne would be here when he arrived,  
so Leanne could play before the snow melted. 
But they weren't . . . 
So when they did arrive,
he took the element of surprise 
and pelted Marie almost before she was out of the car.
So much fun. 
And Leanne has surprisingly good aim -
that snowball would have been right in my face (and camera lens) if I hadn't ducked at the last minute. Little stinker.
After that, opening presents was almost anticlimactic.
We opened gifts, 
ate our weight in sweets, 

took turns holding Santa Baby
and partied the afternoon away. 
 Jaclyn and her tasty toes.

 Ok, some of us took a nap while others watched football.
Everyone parties in their own way, right??
Since Leia was with her mom today, we'll go to her dad's house tomorrow for another round of gift opening

Party on!