Hearst By Night

Hearst Castle is amazing anytime, but at night,

all dressed up for Christmas, it is magical.

Our tour was just under 2 hours (not counting the bus ride up the Enchanted Hill) and combined most of the individual day tours. We visited several areas we've never seen before and learned more too - the evening guides seem much more knowledgeable than their daytime counterparts.

We saw inside one of the guest cottages*,

the main living room with twin trees and costumed docents acting as "guests",

dining room - Mr. Hearst called it the Refectory-

gigantic kitchen* (this picture is maybe 1/3 of the entire area)

with bird faucets*,

the Morning Room, which was used mainly in the evening, with my favorite poinsettia tree,

the library used by guests,

the library used by Mr. Hearst for business meetings* (we also saw his and Marion Davies bedrooms* and dressing areas*)

and the Art Deco movie theater.

Our last stop, the indoor pool, has always been one of my favorite places at the castle.

At night it just sparkles.

So glad we had a chance to visit tonight. Who knows, this may become an annual birthday tradition.


* We've never toured these areas before.