Leanne was more than just a little worried about ballet recital.  
Her costume itched. She didn't want to be away from mom and grandma that long. The stage was big.
But in the end, she and all her buddies did a great job. 
Leanne is front row, 4th little girl from the left. 

And being on the big stage? Leanne LOVED it, especially getting to come back out with all the other dancers for the final bow. She was so excited afterward she could hardly talk.
And the other thing she loved? The long-stemmed roses* from Grandma and PopPop. Because every prima ballerina deserves flowers at the end of her performance. 

These are 3 to 5-year-olds in their first ballet recital. Leanne is second from the right. 

* She disliked her itchy costume so much, I couldn't talk her into putting it back on for even one minute for pictures with her roses.