Bread Makin'

I asked the girls if they wanted to help me make bread today and Leia's response was, "Why? Let's just buy it."
Yeah, no. 
My inspiration was this tutorial for bread-in-a-bag.

And it was every bit as big a mess as you probably think it was.
And twice as much fun.
The girls enjoyed measuring the ingredients and "pounding" on the sealed bags. But their eyes about bugged out of their heads when I threw flour on the (freshly scrubbed) counter, tossed their dough on top and said 'have fun'.
And just about the time they got bored, it was time for the bread to 'rest'. Ten minutes later, they were raring to go for the next part. 
I wasn't expecting much, but even with my misreading of the recipe (hey, if 2 cups of flour is good, 3 must be better, right??),  the bread was delicious. 
So much so, that Pop and I sweet-talked Leia into leaving one of her loaves here for us to enjoy. 
Leanne was, um no - mine are going home with me!
Yumm! Next up? Ice cream in a bag!