Fireworks Bust

No boom-booms for us tonight. Still not sure why Camarillo's fireworks were a no-go - although I'm guessing a technical malfunction of some sort. So disappointing!

Leanne and I were all set and in our places by 9:00 pm, the official start time. We could hear Thousand Oak's display start . . . and end . . . and still nothing (other than some large, colorful, very illegal fireworks from a nearby field.)

We gave up at 9:40 and Leanne headed home in tears. At 9:50 came word of the cancellation from people who had paid to see the show inside the stadium.
JRo all dressed up and ready to celebrate America's birthday.
Camarillo's show was late starting last year but it eventually hit the skies. Now, no show this year at all. I'm thinking the city needs a new fireworks vendor. And I need a better plan for next year - I love fireworks too much to miss them again.