Hubby took a walk before I woke up and brought back breakfast and flowers from Pike's Place Market.

Rachel the piggy bank, the Market's official mascot.

View of the bay behind Pike's Place.
After lunch, we headed over to the Space Needle park.
Views from the top were aMAZing.
As you'd expect when you're over 600 feet in the air.
I love the (kinda hard to see) spider sculptures on this roof - only visible from the Needle. How cool is that?
And we got to see Mt. Rainer. A real treat, since it's often hidden by clouds.
The highlight of the day for me - and I have 5,137ish pictures to prove it - was the Chilhuy glass exhibition.
I'd seen Rachel's pictures from his Denver show,
but nothing can compare to seeing these in person.
Words can't describe it -
This is glass??
He's even taken his knowledge of weaving,
inspired by Native American art,
and come up with beautiful vessels,
and other pieces.
Chilhuy's bigger pieces start with drawn pictures and paintings.
Fascinating how he gets from there to here -

More pictures in Part 2 (and this isn't even half of what hubby and I shot. Fantastic exhibit!)


Restless Knitter said...

Isn't this exhibit just breathtaking? We took a bunch of pictures there and I felt like none could do it justice!