Ballet Girl

Today was Leanne's first ballet class.
I took her with me to sign up last week and she has been beside herself with excitement ever since.
She LOVED class. Leanne was the oldest, tallest and most coordinated in the 3-4 year old's class (Leanne is 4 1/2.)
And every girl needs her own dance bag, right? 
It took me most of last night, but I finished this accidentally reversible hobo-style bag. Leanne picked out the fabric and is thrilled that she got Elsa and puzzles together. 
I had most of the dancewear Leanne needed from when Leia took classes at CAPA, except for ballet slippers (I had one and that's not going to work when you have two feet . . .)
 Class attendance card with stickers!

One of Marie's neighbors heard me talking about buying new shoes and offered up her daughter's out-grown, used-once tap shoes, ballet slippers, tights and dance skirt. Score!! Very grateful for friendly neighbors.