Glass Museum

We'd planned to see Tacoma's museum of glass today, but a late, lazy start leaving Port Townsend - and less than stellar reviews on TripAdvisor - made us almost decide to pass it by. Boy, would that have been a mistake!

We loved it! And could have spent many, many more hours there, especially in the Hot Shop.
From the outdoor fountain,

to the Chihuly Wall of Glass
(and ceiling, below)

that connects the Glass Museum to the U.S. Courthouse area,

to the indoor exhibits,
especially the children's gallery that took a child's drawing
and turned it into 3-dimensional glass art,
we loved it all.
But the place where we could have spent days
was the Hot Shop,
where a team of glass artists
work in an auditorium
with close-up cameras and narration,
to turn hot molten blobs

into Art.
I was bummed we had to leave before they finished this vase. Next time, we'll plan to spend a LOT more time here.
More glass pieces.
Some are Dale Chihuly's,

some not.