Shabby Roses

Whether you call them Works In Progress (WIPs) or Unfinished Fiber Objects (UFO's), I love getting half-done projects out of their bins and into the "done" pile.
This one, from a class I took back in September 2014, now has borders. I think my original plan was to make the outer border 6", rather than the 4" I attached today. Wish I had remembered that, since I think it would probably look better. I need to take better notes . . . or remember where I put the notes I did take.
Dimensions:  58.5 x 70.25"

The plan is to take this with me to QV tomorrow night for backing, batting, thread and maybe - if I'm lucky and no one is using the big table - I can get it sandwiched and pinned too. 
If not, I'm hoping to stop by before my class on Sunday and put it together. 
Either way, this baby is on it's way to DONE!


Vickie said...

Love it!!

captainhook said...

Way fun! It looks great!