Bubbles Bunny

I'm getting a late start on Easter bunnies  - I'm blaming Craftcation, not procrastination - but the first one is finished and in his new home.
Mr. Bubbles is Addy-approved
I thought I was going to make a more traditional bunny for the girls this year, but once I saw this pattern, my search was over. (Ravelry link.)
Such a goofy little guy. 

The pattern - Bunny Caprice by Kristi Randmaa - is well written and easy to follow. I especially love his shapely little feet - such a clever way to crochet them. I also love that the feet and arms are attached as you work, not sewn on later. Sewing up is not my favorite thing . . . .
I need to work on my embroidery skills (the smile and eyebrows), or maybe just leave them off altogether. I think Bubbles is cute enough without them.
And it will make the next two - that I need to have finished in less than 5 days - go even faster.