Early Christmas Quilt

I'm claiming this as an early finish for Christmas 2015, rather than what it really is a missed deadline in 2014.
I started the quilt top December 5 and had sewn, sandwiched, and quilted two days later. And then it sat, mainly because I didn't have a surface long enough to do the squaring up. 
I meant to take it to Quilt Ventura and use their big cutting table, but somehow that just never happened.
Fast forward to February and QV's new UFO challenge*. The rules are simple: register your unfinished project; finish it up (including a label); 
Minimalist label since I want to use both sides

then bring it back to show off and register for prizes. They had me at "challenge" but prizes are always nice.
 Princess Leanne on her quilted bench throne

Before quilting, this was 88.5 x 40.5; after squaring up yesterday, it's now 86 x 39.5.
Leanne "helped" me measure the length though, so it could be off a bit (or a lot of bits . . . )
 The first quilt Leanne helped me with in February 2012. She was so cute - and little!

The quilt is modeled after the seasonal couch covers Debbie makes for her pup. 
My plan is to let the cats lounge on this, then whisk it away - along with all the cat hair - when the highly-allergic DIL and grand-daughter come to visit. Everybody wins! Now I just need to make two more  . . . .  

*AND it's an entry for Aunt Marti's monthly UFO Parade! I love a good parade.