Holiday Spirit

Last Thursday, after Leia finished reading to Leanne (from the book she picked out for her cousin at the school book faire),
we set up
and decorated our Christmas tree,
complete with princess attire, 
costume changes,
and crossed eye practice. (Leanne is quite proud that she can cross her eyes; apparently she and her mother practice daily. It's their special "look". Leia was bummed that she couldn't perform this daring fete, so Leanne taught her how. Leia's parents will be so pleased.)
Hubby added a hot-air balloon Santa to this year's outdoor decor. It took him two days - and lots of swearing - to get it together. Which is probably the reason Santa resides in a place of honor in our living room, rather than outdoors with the other Christmas lights. 
Personally, I'm wondering how long it will take the cats and the princesses to knock Santa from his perch.
He'd probably be much safer outdoors.