Double Inspiration

Made a quick stop at Roxanne's yesterday, with the intention of buying NOTHING - just looking, thank you, and waiting for Debbie to get what she needed. Yeah, you can guess how that went.
Trouble Inspiration #1 was a small Christmas quilt they had on display, made with various holiday fabrics cut into 8.5" squares, sewn together and finished with a simple binding. No muss, no fuss, no borders - just sewn and done.
Inspiration #2 was a couch quilt Deb showed off Thursday night, made to keep her dog's fur off the sofa. It was long and narrow, made to fit length-wise down the couch seat. Perfect solution for keeping cat hair off our furniture.
Friday night I cut 60 squares and made sweet-talked hubby into helping me arrange them in an acceptable pattern. Tonight, I sewed them into an 88.5 x 40.5" top. In theory, tomorrow night I'll cut the backing and binding, then sew it all together on Monday.
Even A.J. doesn't believe that will happen.