Travel Day

We'd planned to leave early this morning for Albuquerque - it's balloon fiesta time!! - but between getting Leanne up and ready for preschool (she spent the night cause her mom was sick; poor mom, but lucky granma)

Leanne reading to AJ
and hubby finishing the cabinet he is making for John and Rach, then getting it all wedged packed into the car, we finally hit the road about 2 p.m.
Traveling through the desert is borrrrrrrrring, but the ability to download audiobooks on the fly makes it so.much.better.
As do funny looking rainbows.
About an hour after this, we hit rain at the California/Arizona border. Dry on the CA side, of course, but it poured until we reached our hotel a couple of hours later in Kingman.
Morty and I really, really hope the rain doesn't follow us to ABQ. A rained-out balloon festival would be no bueno.


captainhook said...

Send the rain here, please! (Happy trails!)